Saturday, December 13, 2008

Barge in France... Part 2

We met a delightful group of people on our barge trip on the Canal du Midi in France. There were 18 passengers on the barge. The four of us from Philadelphia, a family from Los Angeles, a couple from London, and a group of ladies from Canada. Delightful companions, all. The ladies from Canada were a very congenial and interesting group. Here is a photo of them holding their flag. My husband took this picture... he was very taken with these ladies, and I think he charmed them as well.

Most of the vacation was casual. However, on our last night we had a "dress-up" dinner to say goodbye. Here we are all dressed up in our finest.

The four of us:

The French countryside was beautiful, and we discovered many lovely things there. Below are some photos of a village market we visited. Flowers, fruit, vegetables, bread... wonderful!

We didn't lack for chocolate, either. Here is a photo of a chocolate maker in a shop we visited. The samples were delicious!

We visited lots of lovely cafes:

Finally, we had to say goodbye and leave our barge. What a wonderful week! We all agree we would do it again in a minute!

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