Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kids Are Cute

When I went grocery shopping this morning, I was close to a mom pushing a cart with her little boy in the seat.  I would guess he was about two or three years old.  As they do in the grocery store, some one made an announcement over the PA.  You know:  "so and so please report to the frozen food aisle" or something like that.

At the end of he announcement the person added a perfunctory "thank you ".   Just as I passed the mom with the little boy, I heard him yell "You're welcome!"


Pam said...

How lovely.
When my daughter was sitting in the trolley as a little one with my mother pushing her in the supermarket, and old lady came up to them and coo-ed to Mum " What a lovely little girl, how old is she?".. to which my daughter looked up at the elderly lady and replied 'I'll be two in December".
Your photo and story reminded me of this...little ones do make you laugh!

judy in ky said...

I'm happy to have reminded you of your daughter's childhood. I enjoyed hearing how she spoke up. Yes, they do make us laugh.

Bearette said...

Cute :) Zoe says thank you a lot.

judy in ky said...

She's a good girl. Very cute, too.