Monday, May 5, 2014

Golf Widow?

Am I a golf widow because my husband loves to play golf?  It might look that way to some people, but I don't feel that way at all.

My husband always has played golf on weekends, sometimes both Saturday and Sunday.  Now that he has retired (a little sooner than he had planned) he plays several days during the week as well.  We live in a golf course community so it's very convenient for him to run over there and get in a game, or just practice putting or hitting balls.

Do I mind him being out of the house that much?  No!!  It gives me lots of free time to do whatever I want.  I can go shopping without worrying about him fretting at home.  I can eat a whole pint of ice cream if I feel like it.  I can just take a nap without him coming in and asking me where the pliers are.  You get the point… it's healthy for couples to have some individual free time, and his golf allows us to do that.  When he was working he travelled quite a bit so I was used to having that free time anyway.  So now, golf serves the same purpose.

Also, he's happier when he plays golf.  If he has to go too long without golf (like in the winter) he gets cranky and restless.  If he is getting his need for golf satisfied he is a much happier man, thus much easier to live with.

If we had children to deal with and take to games and sleepovers and all of those things, I'm sure I would want him around more to help.  But, as it is, it provides me some breathing space.  Would I play with him?  No!!  I tried that for a while, but he just gets impatient.  He likes to play with someone at least as good as he is for the competition.  I don't have a competitive gene in my body so I just didn't have the drive (pun).  I told him "it's too structured".  Spending that much time doing one thing just doesn't appeal to me.  I can sit all day and read a book but that's different, it occupies my mind.  Golf just didn't do that.  So, I am happy to leave him to it.


rachel said...

What a refreshingly healthy attitude, Judy! Time together is valuable, but being joined at the hip can be too much. Sounds like you have a good balance there.

judy in ky said...

I think you're right about that. I recharge when I have some time to myself. Not too much, though…

Candy Waters said...

You are right!! There are many things you can do while your man is away golfing. I forgot about eating ice cream! Thanks for reminding me! :)

Brent Foster said...

I agree, your husband’s golf hobby shouldn’t really get in the way of your personal life, or even your life as husband and wife per se. It’s great to hear about your positive take on this, as it shows that there is a great relationship between the both of you. Thanks for sharing this with us, Judy. All the best!

Brent Foster @ Fairway Ministries