Monday, May 26, 2014

A "Top-Down" Kind of Day

Memorial Day weekend, and the weather is perfect.  A great day to drive through the countryside with the top down. Here we go!

We live in a beautiful place… Boone County, Kentucky.  There are many pretty drives just minutes from our house. When the weather is nice we like to jump in the car, put the top down and drive the rural roads in the area.

See how clear blue the sky is?  Not too hot, not too cold, a real treat after the brutal winter we had.

It's peaceful and quiet out here.  Just us and the sun and a slight breeze.

People paint quilts on barns around here…

At the ends of some roads, there are interesting places.

Here there is music… it's open mike day.  We often hear bluegrass music here.

There are creatures at home here, both big and small.

There were many baby goats, just one week old.

Families, dogs and puppies…

This puppy wanted to eat a shoe…

and almost ate my shoelaces!

Just down the road there is another interesting place.

Rabbit Hash, gathering place for motorbikes and pickup trucks.

It's a colorful place.


Bearette said...

Cute goats!

judy in ky said...

They were adorable. There was even a three legged one. My friend wanted to take one home.

Pam said...

Great fun! Could almost smell the fresh green grass - grey winter skies here at the moment, but nothing like the winters you experience. They would be so harsh and challenging transport-wise.
I loved the creatures - they look so happy.

judy in ky said...

It was a beautiful day, Pam. Quite a treat after our rough winter.