Friday, July 19, 2013

Along the Ohio River: 1817 to 2013

There are 106 places in Boone County Kentucky that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Here is another one:

The Anderson Ferry has been operating continuously since 1817, closed only on Christmas day.  The ferry runs between Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, crossing the Ohio River.  The trip across the river takes ten minutes.  You can walk on or drive your car or bike on.

Apparently, you can also drive a Fed Ex truck onto the ferry.  Many people use the ferry to commute to work.  It's also popular with tourists and locals alike, looking for a taste of the past.  The ferry is located three miles from the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport, so Ohioans can take the ferry across to access the airport without fighting traffic on the interstates.

The ferry runs with a fleet of three:  Boone #7, Little Boone, and Deborah A.  The Boone #7 is the oldest, and still runs on a wooden paddle wheel.

This is a map showing Route 8, also known as River Road.  The Anderson Ferry is just off the map on the left hand side.  Farther down the road are the towns of Ludlow and Bromley.

Drive about seven miles east on River Road from the Anderson Ferry and you come to the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club.

You know you've arrived when you see the big shark.

You go across the ramp to the yacht club, which is floating on a pontoon in the Ohio River.

There is a semi-indoor area with a bar and dining room.

I like sitting on the deck, which is outside with a view of the river.  The deck pontoon rocks gently whenever a boat goes by.  It reminds you that you are on the water, and that's more fun.

It's a fun place to meet friends and have a drink.  The food is pretty good, too.

Nightlife at the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club:

On the weekends, the have bands playing live music, and dancing.

The Yacht Club is open from May till the end of October.  It's a warm weather kind of place.  It's not on the National Register of Historic Places, though.


Bearette said...

cool, kind of makes me want to go there

judy in ky said...

You should! You could visit.

Pam said...

We have been hearing on the news in Australia of your heatwave in the U.S.
I guess the bar will be kept extra busy with the cool icy drinks at the Yacht Club!
Meanwhile we've had a touch of snow and ice in our Adelaide hills - extremely rare.

judy in ky said...

Pam, it sounds like all the world is experiencing extremes. The Yacht Club is best at night now, when the sun has gone down, allowing at least a little less heat. They do make a good gin and tonic!

rachel said...

I love those river ferries. And picture 2 has what I'm sure is an Austin Healey Sprite (bug-eyed little sporty number) in the middle of the front row! I never thought I could be so nerdy as to notice a car, but I have history with Sprites.....

judy in ky said...

That little car caught my eye, too, but I couldn't identify it. I'm glad you told me.
Actually, I admire nerd-iness. (I had to type it that way because my computer kept changing it to nerviness.)