Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

This photo looks like the Fourth of July I remember.  It seems that when I was a kid, the day was always sunny and warm.  We went out to a park and had a picnic, went swimming and played outside.  After dark, we had sparklers and little firecrackers.  My dad and my uncles set off cherry bombs while we looked on, holding our ears.

This is what it's like this year, though.  Rain.  No picnics, no park, no swimming, no fireworks.  It hardly even feels like the Fourth of July.  We went to the store this morning, and many of the people were wearing red white and blue, and shirts with patriotic symbols on them.  Suddenly I was reminded... it is July 4th after all!  I hadn't even thought to wear those colors.  I did have on a purple top and white shorts, so I guess I sort of did have red and blue mixed together! 

Anyway, Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! 


Pam said...

Belated birthday wishes Judy and also for your 4th July celebrations.
I noticed a little American flag standing out the front of the rental next door. It was planted near the pavement proudly for all to see on that day . We hardly see the young American guy who lives there, or his Australian partner for that matter. Hope he wasn't too homesick so far from the States.
Will mention it next time I see him. I have been short on time lately and would have liked to have made him some brownies, or apple pie with a little flag stuck in it!
Perhaps that will be another thing to put on my 'belated' list.
No doubt he will be just as chuffed to know I noticed the flag.
(We live in an area where most people work during the day, nobody talks much to each other - all are squirreled away on weekends and keep to themselves - has its advantages, but disadvantages also in this day and age.)

judy in ky said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Pam. I think your idea of giving your American neighbor a treat with a flag is so thoughtful. You are a good neighbor.