Monday, November 28, 2011

This is Where I Want to Live!

Waimea (also known as Kamuela) is in the North Kohala district of the Big Island.

This is the main street through town (I think it has two traffic lights).

These pastures are just outside of town:

Snow on Mauna Kea:

This is where we went for coffee and breakfast:

The Waimea Coffee Company.

This is where I decided for sure I want to live here. A group of women came in for coffee after their exercise class. Everyone was chatting and laughing. I could tell it was a true community, not just a tourist place.

Everyone seemed happy and relaxed. There was a laid back feeling. I think I would be happy here. I could wear my flip-flops every day!


Gardn Of Weedn said...

Uh oh, looks like the heart overrode the brain, you're actually making a plan. My Mom used to say "put it on paper, every detail, and it'll happen" Good luck!! Dee

judy in ky said...

I am working on a plan. It will have to be a very good plan to convince my husband! Thanks for good luck; I'll need it...