Saturday, November 19, 2011

"The 250"

This was our third visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. Each time we go, we discover more. This time, Natalie asked me if we drove the 250. We did indeed drive the 250, also called the Kohala Mountain Road, from Waimea to Hawi. The drive was beautiful. We started at Waimea at about 2500 feet elevation and climbed to about 4000, with spectacular vistas to our left and pastures to our right. On the map you can see Waimea at the bottom of 250 and Hawi up at the top.

We started out at the lower elevation, where the sky was clear blue. As we got higher, the sky got cloudier and the air got cooler. I was snapping pictures as quickly as I could; I kept telling my husband to slow down so I wouldn't miss anything. I missed a few good shots, but I got what I could.

It's a beautiful place on a beautiful island. I can see why Natalie is homesick for it. I would love to go back myself.


Natalie said...

I am speechless.
I may cry.

judy in ky said...

Me too...