Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Always Missing Someone

Philadelphia. We moved there in 1989. It was a career move for my husband. I got a job there, made friends there, and grew to love it. We lived there for sixteen years. Then we decided to move back to the Midwest to be closer to our families. Of course I had mixed feelings. I still have mixed feelings. In many ways it was the right thing to do. I have seen my nieces grow from little girls to teens and tweens. Before we moved we saw them only on holidays when we came to visit. I sent their birthday presents through the mail. Not too long ago my youngest niece, Molly said to me, "Aunt Judy, we didn't know you very well before you moved here". We were able to be at the hospital for the last days of my husband's mother's life. We have been here for my 87-year old mom.

Now we are visitors when we go back to Philadelphia. Instead of having our home to stay in, we stay in a hotel or at friends' homes. I still miss the home we had there. The first time we went back I started crying as we took our old exit off the turnpike. I still miss our neighbors and friends. If we moved back there, I would miss my family here. It seems I will always be missing someone. I envy those who have everyone they love in one place. I guess that's less common these days, with modern life what it is.

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