Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hawaii Photos from My IPhone

I finally got around to downloading these from my phone. Now I want to go back!

First stop, LAX. We have a bite to eat and get ready for our next flight.

After five more hours; we have arrived!

Sunset that night:

The colors are perfect; fleeting, but perfect while they last.

First morning breakfast:

Outside our room, the beautiful surroundings. We were here last year, too; it's so good to be back. It smells the same, like the sea, the sand, the trees and the foliage. It smells like Hawaii. The air feels the same; it's soft and it caresses you. I find just breathing here almost intoxicating.

I am SO happy! This is my "Hawaii face".


Bearette said...

which island do you stay on when you go to hawaii?

judy in ky said...

The Big Island... the one named "Hawaii". We've been there three times, and to Maui four times. I love both of them.