Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kitties On Our Deck

These are some of the homeless kitties that we have adopted. We did TNR... trap, neuter, release. They live in our neighborhood, mostly in back yards adjacent to our house. They gather on our deck for food and shelter.

The photo above is blurry because I took it through the screen door.

The little blacks ones are sisters of Munchkin, the one we adopted to live in our house with us. Munchkin was the friendliest one and was very easy to tame. She is the friendliest of our indoor kitties. It amazes me that kitties who are born in the wild and considered feral are capable of being so tame and friendly

The little blue cubes in the background are some of their shelters. They have large, insulated igloo-type doghouses for the winter.

I would say these kitties are now "semi-tame". They wait for us to bring food in the morning and run to the door when they see us. Like this:

Oh well, I might as well put up the whole photo album:

I guess some people think I'm silly... but I love these kitties!


Susan said...

They are lucky, gorgeous, very healthy looking cats Judy !! Well done you ... and that last guy is beautiful. Happy weekend xo les Gang

judy in ky said...

Thank you Susan and les Gang. Happy weekend to you too!