Monday, July 11, 2011

Carillon Park - Part I

This carillon is the centerpiece and namesake of Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio. Carillon concerts are held every Sunday. The park also contains 30 buildings and structures that have been moved here to exhibit the history of Dayton and the imaginative and creative work that has taken place here. The park is located on a 65-acre campus near the University of Dayton.

For her birthday, my sister wanted to visit the park. She wanted her three daughters to experience the fascinating history presented there. In fact, I think we all learned something. I had not been there since my own childhood, and so many new exhibits have been added since then. Exhibits showing the work of important researchers and inventors working in Dayton are displayed in their original settings. The buildings in which they worked have been either moved or recreated here, along with many of the tools with which they worked and examples of their inventions.

My sister's family arriving:

My mom and stepdad arriving:

Probably the most well-known men who worked in Dayton were the Wright brothers. Their workshop is here, containing much of the original furnishings and tools. The plane they flew at Kill Devil Hills is on exhibit here.

Orville and Wilbur Wright:

Orville's home in Dayton :

The Wright Cycle Shop in Dayton

There were many other exhibits in the park, documenting achievements of other creative people in Dayton, including the founders of the National Cash Register Company and the inventor of the modern automobile ignition. I will have to show you more of them tomorrow. I have much to do today after a busy weekend celebrating birthdays!

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