Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything Is Complicated These Days...

Tomorrow our family has a corporate meeting. It involves me, my three sisters, my mom, and two cousins. Our family has a working farm that has been passed down for seven generations. One generation ago they decided to incorporate it in order to distribute shares. That means we have to have a corporate meeting once a year.

It sounds like this year might be pivotal. Our accountant wants to raise their fees. Our insurance company wants to run credit checks on all shareholders. I've been thinking about these things while listening to our government discuss the economy. A simple little family farm has entered the 21st century!

I don't envy the next generation. One of my sisters has three girls; one has one boy; the other has an adult daughter with three children, and one cousin has two children. As shares are passed down through time, there will be an exponential number of shareholders in the farm. Decisions will probably be harder to make as family members increase, and it will be more difficult to get everyone together. Where will it all lead?

p.s. I'm the secretary... that's probably the reason I'm complaining. I have to keep track of all this stuff!

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