Friday, June 3, 2011

We Went to Philadelphia For A Wedding!

Where have I been for the past week? In Philadelphia! To attend a wedding, the wedding of our best couple friends' daughter. We used to live there, and we saw so many friends that we have been missing. Here are some highlights.

The Rabbi is ready.

The groom awaits his bride, under the chuppah. The chuppah is made from the tallit (prayer shawls) of the bride's father and the groom's father, sewn together for the occasion.

The mother and father of the bride, bringing their daughter to the chuppah.

Bridesmaids, nieces of the bride.

Junior groomsman, nephew of the bride.

Niece and nephew of the bride, another bridesmaid and groomsman.

The vows are exchanged.

The Rabbi blesses the couple.

Mazel Tov!

The Matron of Honor and the Best Man

A group of friends: that's me, sixth from the left, not looking at the camera!


Natalie said...

Not only a pretty wedding, but also a fun looking wedding. It makes me happy that you had this opportunity to be with friends and family.

judy in ky said...

It was fun! We always have fun when we visit our friends there.