Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog Friends

Having a blog friend is like having a pen pal. You exchange ideas, and photos, and news of your daily life. You share experiences, feelings, and discoveries.

I discovered blogging a few years ago, and developed a habit of checking my favorites on a daily basis. As I know many of you understand, I found companionship and new ideas. They often make me smile.

So, I am very sad when a blog ends. It's like losing a friend. It always makes me wonder, did i not comment enough? Was I not responsive enough? One day a friend is there, and the next day there is just an empty space. I'm sure they have their reasons... but it still feels like a loss to me.


Natalie said...

I still check a blog of a woman who disappeared... she doesn't even respond to emails. Anything might have happened to her, and I have no way of finding out... it's sad. These friendships can be so neighborly, so close, and yet we are often still strangers in many ways.
I cannot imagine anyone who is a blog friend of yours feeling neglected... you are easily one of my dearest *neighbors* in the Blogosphere. (((hugs)))

Susan said...

Do you remember Anna Judy ? from the mountains of Colorado - her blog still exists and has now for years but she just stopped blogging one day. Sometimes it's mysterious (for those of us with les vivid imagination) as well as sad xo les Gang

judy in ky said...

Yes, I remember Anna very well. She sounded like a thoughtful, reflective woman, going through changes in her life cycle. I wonder what happened, too. She had her granddaughter with her for a while, and they were sweet together.