Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clouds... Here and There

I took these photos from my window seat as we flew to Fort Lauderdale last week:

I love how the sky looks above the clouds... the deepest blue.

Look! Now we can see land down there:

This was the view from our room...

and this was the view poolside. As you can see, the weather there was beautiful. The sky was the prettiest blue.

The only problem was, I had to come home!

On the way back home, as we approached the Cincinnati airport, our pilot announced that the Cincinnati airport was CLOSED, due to bad weather, and that we would be circling for a while. "Not to worry" he said, "we have enough fuel on board to circle for a few hours". WHAT? I thought. A few hours? Circling in stormy weather? I asked the flight attendant what happens when we run out of fuel and the airport is still closed? She said we would land somewhere else... maybe Louisville.

Well, the airport eventually did reopen and we did land. And as I drove home from the airport, I saw this in the sky: some of the strangest cloud formations I have ever seen. The photos don't show how fast they were swirling around though.

Today we had another thunderstorm. When I went in to shop, the sky was blue with some white clouds. When I came out an hour later, the clouds were rushing in. Here are the photos I took.

We then proceeded to have a couple of inches of rain. Please... can I go back to the beach?

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Pam said...

We've had some very strange skies here too, due to the Chilean volcano. So much so, that many flights have been cancelled.