Monday, June 13, 2011

The Beach Cure

We had a very depressing spring here. Chilly, damp, rainy... that was the entire month of April. May wasn't much better; day after day of gray skies and tornado warnings every other night. I was getting seriously depressed, moping around the house. My mood was as gray as the sky. I told my husband I was craving the beach. Sun, sand, and surf were what I needed. In the midst of this, his company announced a meeting in Florida in June. Did I want to go along? Why yes, I did. So, finally, I am getting ready to hit the beach.

I never even saw the ocean until I was fourteen years old. I have loved it ever since. However, I have always lived far from the ocean, nowhere near a beach. Going to the beach is a rare and special thing for me. I am never depressed when I am on or near a beach. I love the sound of the surf. I love seeing my footprints in the sand. I love lying in the shade under a palm tree. It's better than Prozac for me. It cures all my ills.


Bearette said...

The beach is my favorite vacation spot, too. But I am fortunate to have always lived near water. For the past 12 years it has been near a river; but it is only a few blocks away. And the beach is about an hour away.

judy in ky said...

It would be nice to drive an hour to the beach. We are near the Ohio River, but there is no beach there... or sand, or palm trees. It's mostly a road for barges.