Friday, January 21, 2011

A Bad Mood Goes A Long Way

I just finished writing the previous post about being depressed, and I've noticed myself being grumpy and negative about everything I see or hear. Trying to distract myself, I turned on the television. There was Kathy Lee, talking about sitting in the sunshine at her home in Key West. I got mad at her... always talking about her home in Connecticut and her home in Key West. These days, when ordinary people are losing their homes I think it's very tacky. So I switch to HGTV to watch House Hunters. How can that make me mad? There is a young couple, complaining because every house they see doesn't have granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Gosh, when I was their age I lived in a crummy basement apartment! More bad vibes.

So then I went back to my laptop and looked at the news. Big mistake! There was an article about how the GOP in Washington might shut down the government over health care. Now I am really angry!

Maybe I should just go read a book. I have a better idea; I will put all this angry energy into cleaning my house and throwing stuff out!


Bearette said...

Yes, I vote for clesning up/throwing stuff out. It always makes me feel better.

Natalie said...

lol... I do some of my best-fastest-meanest cleaning when I am angry!!!
Go for it!
Go sweep out the GOP and any other selfish sob!
Mop the floor with the filthy rich, and boob-job heiresses!
Toss out all of those spoiled dopes who cannot see beyond their designer duds!
Scrub away, and play some good tunes while you're at it. And being in a similar state of mind, I promise to join you.

judy in ky said...

Ready! Let's go!

Natalie said...

Well... how'd it go?
I cleared out the garden area, which was in desperate need of a cleaning. Then I managed to do good general maintenance in the kitchen, which meant I was less reluctant to prepare a tasty dinner. Clean kitchen always inspires me to make good dinners.
How did you do?

rachel said...

It's always a good idea, when you're feeling low, to avoid the news at all costs! It's always so miserable, isn't it? And if you must clean and clear stuff out, do it with some really cheerful music on - loud!

judy in ky said...

I appreciate all of your comments. I did carry the last of the Christmas stuff down to the basement. That gave me a small sense of accomplishment. Then, like Natalie, I cleaned up my kitchen and that inspired me to cook. Cooking always cheers me up, too. I made a meat loaf, then a loaf of cranberry bread. The bread was so good, hot from the oven.
Rachel, you are right about the music too. Much better than television news!