Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Reunion

This is a little feral cat family in our back yard. The mother calico is in the foreground. She is with her two kittens, the little female who is looking at the camera, and the white male in the middle. I have written before about the feral cats that live behind our house. We have been doing trap-neuter-release. We trap them and take them to a not-for-profit clinic in Cincinnati. So far, we have had ten of them spay/neutered.

Five of them have been adopted. We adopted three; our neighbor adopted one; most recently, we found a home for the sweet little black kitten that let me pick her up from day one; the little feral kitten who wanted to be adopted. Her new family loves her!

I took the photo above today. We had the calico kitten spayed on Monday, and the white kitten neutered yesterday. The mother has been hanging around waiting for her babies to return. We released the kittens today, and the picture above shows their reunion. The mother was licking them all over, and they were in gathered in a huddle. It was nice to witness their little family reunion.


Catherine said...

Hi! Found you through Slow Lane Life. What a wonderful thing you are doing here ~ how lucky this little feral cat family ended up in the backyard of such a caring person! Love it!

judy in ky said...

Hi Catherine! I just had a look at your blog. Your cat Banjo has the most gorgeous eyes.

rachel said...

How lucky those cats are to have you! Your approach to them is quite wonderful - sensible and caring, and so respectful of them.

And how clever of them to end up in your yard every time!

judy in ky said...

Hi Rachel, your words mean a lot to me, because I know what a great cat caretaker you are.