Thursday, August 12, 2010


A litter of four kittens has been living in our back yard for about two months. They are feral, so they run from us when we open to door to come outside to feed them.

One of them, however, never ran. Rather, she came toward us and acted friendly. To my surprise, she let me pick her up. I took her to the vet and had her treated for an eye infection and fleas. I was becoming attached to this sweet little kitten. Every time I went outside she came up to me and let me hold her. My husband said "no more cats" since we already have four in the house. I might have adopted her anyway, but my nextdoor neighbor found another cat lover who was looking for a kitten.

I agreed to let the cat lover's family adopt her. Today the cat lover came to pick her up. She had bought a nice little carrier for her, and some toys, and said her daughter was so excited looking forward to the kitten. I think she will be happy with her new family. They promised to keep me updated about her, and to send photos. Still, I cried a little after they left. I will miss that little kitten.


rachel said...

Not an easy decision, I'm sure, but sounds like a good one for the kitten. I hope she remains as friendly and sweet in her new home as she was with you.

judy in ky said...

I know, I hope so too. I will probably be second guessing myself for a while.