Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Cool Vacation... Part I

So, where have I been for the past week? Michigan! The area that Michiganders call "up north". We left the hot, hazy and humid mid-south to travel to the cool, clear, crisp air of northern Michigan.

I took this photo from the car. Look at the sky... it's a cool, clear blue without that hazy smog that comes with heat and humidity.

I took this photo as we got closer to the lake, where we were staying. Unpaved road, trees all around. The car windows are open now, the scent of crisp air and nature all around. I am beginning to relax for real as we drive down this road!

I love being surrounded by trees. Trees are my favorite companions.

We were staying at a friend's cottage, right on the lake. Open the back door and you are just steps from the water!

I have to go now, to a dentist appointment. I will write more and post more photos when I get back!


rachel said...

Delightful - looking forward to the next instalment.....

Bearette said...

Makes me want to go to Michigan.