Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Lot To Look Forward To...

Christmas is beautiful! The lights! The music! The food! The presents! Being surrounded by family and friends! I've been wrapping gifts and listening to Christmas music. I am preparing to bake some treats to share with neighbors and take to family dinners. It's a lot of work to prepare for Christmas, but it's also a lot of fun.

Then there is New Years Eve! When we were young, it was like this:

Some years we went to big parties:

Some years we have a quiet evening at home, by the fire. For me, there is only one absolute requirement... a champagne toast at midnight!

After New Year's Eve... there is a long, cold stretch of winter. The holidays are over. The weather is bleak. Valentine's Day provides a little break, a reason to celebrate (unless you're not in love; then it's kind of sad). Then... the rest of February, then the long, featureless month of March. It's a long wait for Spring.

But this year, we are taking a break. This year I am really looking forward to this:

Mexico! The beach! A spa! Friends!

Dining by the sea! Drinks by the pool! Listening to the waves at night! Aaahh, heaven! I love vacations!


Bearette24 said...

Judy, that looks fabulous. I hope you have a great time.

judy in ky said...

Thanks! It's been too many years since we took a "winter break" vacation.