Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is exactly how I feel after the Christmas rush! Shopping, wrapping, packing, baking, hauling... I am wiped out! I've been mopey, headachy, and grouchy. Longing for one day when I can just relax, with no schedule and no rushing around.

My kitchen was a mess... stray bits of sugar, sprinkles, and icing here and there. Yesterday, I put on my wristwatch and discovered a blob of cookie dough stuck to the back. This morning I spent thirty minutes decluttering the kitchen. That's all it took, but I had not had thirty minutes to stop and wipe things down before that. After cleaning my kitchen, I had a leisurely cup of coffee and a hot shower, and am beginning to feel human again.

Next year, I would love to join our President and spend Christmas in Hawaii. My family would not approve, and I would probably miss being with them... but it sounds heavenly. Christmas day on a beach, soaking up the sun and drinking mai tais. What could be better?

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Bearette24 said...

I hear you, Judy. Christmas in Hawaii sounds excellent.