Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is the little black kitten we caught and brought into the house. She is settled into a crate with food, water, litter box, and a cat bed. She loves the cat bed! She got into it and settled right down. I can reach through the bars and scratch her neck, and she purrs. Tomorrow we are taking her to the clinic to be spayed and get her shots.

This is my Hawaiian quilt. I bought it in the little town of Paia on Maui. The hotel where we stayed had much larger quilts, framed in glass, hanging on the walls. They were gorgeous!

This little mouse runs up my clock (hickory dickory dock) every December:

And there is an angel who lives inside the clock:

This elf sits by the fireplace in my living room:

And these elves sit on the other side of the fireplace, in the hearth room:

Here is the hearth room:

And the table in the hearth room:

So, that's all the photos I took today. My eyes are better, the conjunctivitis is gone. I have all my Christmas shopping finished, and all the gifts are wrapped. Now there are cookies to be baked and dishes to be prepared for our family gathering.


Jenn Jilks said...

All that is left are hooves on the roof!

Jenn Jilks said...

P.S. I remember putting the Xmas tree in the playpen one year. Rambunctious cats! Cute kitten.

judy in ky said...

That's funny, Jenn. One year, we had a cat climb all the way up the tree. We noticed the tree shaking, then the kitty's head popped out near the top, like another ornament!

Susan said...

Sounds like your having a purrrfect pre-Christmas time. Much love from les GAng

rachel said...

Aaaaah, a Christmas kitten. Just what I like best.

Happy Christmas!