Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kitten Update

My neighbor and I have been catching feral cats from our back yard and having them neutered at a not-for-profit clinic in our town. So far we have brought in SIX; and they have all been females. I feel good that there are six fewer potential mother cats that could have given birth to new litters of feral kittens.

Two of the kittens we caught are now resting in our basement, recuperating from their surgery. They are both little black kittens with gold eyes. We are thinking of adopting one of them. She is the friendliest one. She loves to be petted and purrs when we rub her neck. We are calling her "Ivy". The other one in our basement might be adopted by a friend of my neighbor's. We just brought her home from the clinic today. The other four have been released again outside, and they mostly live on our deck. We feed them and put out little "kitty cubes" for them to sleep in at night. They sleep in them two at a time, and we can see little gold eyes peeking out from the opening.


Jenn Jilks said...

What a perfect thing to do! They say that catching them serves no purpose. An animal population is limited by food sources, and if there are fewer cats, but the same amount of food, the population grows, or another cat moves in.

This is the only solution. What a humanitarian thing to do!

Mim said...

OH NO i just read your previous post. OH my!
Will you try to find another ornament. Those kinds of things cause me so much stress.
Happy Holidays to you,,, and hopefully I'll begin again to be a better and more consistent blogger. This has been a hard year.
Yes our daughter made it home.. she's exhausted from her semester in SF. Happy New Year. Keep us posted on the ornament search.

Natalie said...

God bless you.
Big hugs for a woman with a very big heart.

judy in ky said...

Hi Everyone, thank you for your comments. I will continue to look for another little blue elephant ornament. Mim, it's good to here from you again. I'm glad you daughter made it home safely.
Happy Holidays to you all!