Sunday, April 20, 2014

Belogradchik, Bulgaria

This is the Belogradchik fortress, backed by the Belogradchik rocks.  The fortress was built in the time of the Roman Empire.  The rocks are located on the western slopes of the Balkan mountains.

These rock formations are a major tourist attraction in the area.  They have formed fantastic shapes that have been given names, such as the Dervish, the Madonna and the Shepherd Boy.  Each has a name and many have had legends built around them.

The town of Belogradchik is below:

The name Belogradchik translates to "small white town".  If you see it from the air, however it looks more like a "small red town" with all these roofs down below.  I noticed this as we flew over most towns into Eastern Europe.  It looks nothing like flying over the United States.   Why are most of our roofs so colorless?

There was a group of students there that day, on a field trip.  They easily ran up the stairs to the rocks above.

I, on the other hand, decided to stay below and take some photos.

We drove down from the mountain to the town below.

First, we had to convince these men to move their truck so we could get through…

While we were waiting, I noticed this kitty watching us.

Then we were taken to a local place for some coffee and cake.

The decor was interesting…

We got to see only a tiny part of Bulgaria.  When you look at this map, we were in the far northwestern tip of the country, that tiny point that says "Vidin".  We did not see the capital city of Sofia or the beach resorts along the Black Sea to the east.

This is the part of Bulgaria we did not see! (From Google)

Next post:  Romania, the final country we visited (and we didn't see Dracula).


Bearette said...

The original Willy Wonka movie (with Gene Wilder) was filmed in Bavaria. There's a scene filmed up in the air and all the roofs are red :)

judy in ky said...

I noticed that as we flew into Austria, too. Red roofs and very neatly laid out farms and villages.

rachel said...

Have had a good catch up, Judy, and love your latest travelogue! What an interesting trip you're having.

Just so you know, I can't always get into Blogger blogs for some unknown reason, hence the comment silence, but I do read them. Keep on blogging, won't you!

Pam said...

The vast differences are what make travel delightful (or trying!!) at times. Viva la difference I say - in everything - what a great trip!

judy in ky said...

Rachel, I'm glad you're here! Of course I will keep on blogging, as well as reading yours which I see via email.
Pam, I agree. The differences are fascinating and often eye-opening.

Viviane R. said...

Hi Judy! Nice blog!!

My name is Viviane and I'm going to Bulgaria next mounth and I want to visit Belogradchik. DO you know how do I get there from Sofia?

Tks!! :)