Monday, October 28, 2013

The Little Red Car

This car has made the rounds in my family.  We bought it in 1997 in Philadelphia.  We brought it with us when we moved to Kentucky in 2006.  My husband loved his little red, two door sporty car.  I drove the more practical Blazer.

After we moved we lived close to my sister and her family.  My brother-in-law had a sporty white convertible of his own, but he had to sell it to get a more practical car for three little kids and their car seats.  We decided to buy his convertible, and we sold the little red car to my mom who needed a "new" car.  My mom said she has always wanted a little red sporty car so she loved it.  She even got a vanity plate with her initials on it.

My mom drove the little red car for a few years until she needed a walker.  The walker wouldn't fit in the trunk so she began driving David's station wagon.  (She married David after my dad died.)  So the little red car just sat in her garage for a couple of years.

In the meantime, my niece Sarah was turning 16 and wanted a car.  So my mom gave my sister and brother-in-law the little red car for her.  They had to have some work done on it, both to dents and bruises, new battery, etc.  It looks like new again, and Sarah is driving it with an adult until December when she can drive on her own.

Now Sarah loves the little red car.  It has been in our family for sixteen years now.  First with Mike, then with Mom, and now with Sarah.  Sarah has added her own touch to it:

These photos were taken as the little red car sits in my sister's driveway.  Every time we pull in to visit we see "our" little red car there in it's new home.


Pam said...

Good to see the little red car kept in the family. Our favorite was an Austin 1800 passed down too - unfortunately it would have been over-capitalizing to fix the transmission - money was scarce then - so we said a teary farewell to "Charlena" - my daughter's name for the car when she was a toddler.
Enjoyed your post!

judy in ky said...

One of my sisters always names her cars, too. I didn't inherit a very cute car when I was young... I got a blue Corvair with a hole in the floor! My sister drove my great-aunt's old Buick clear across the country to Washington state.