Thursday, October 24, 2013

At Crossroads

My husband and I are both retired now.  It's a bit of a shock to the system to see yourself entering a new phase of life.  It makes me feel a little like a creature that sheds its skin or a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.  You become a different "you".  It's a metamorphosis.

We are in the process of deciding about the rest of our life.  Where do we want to live?  What do we want to do?  Is it realistic to move to Hawaii, as I have always dreamed?  Would it be too hard to live in a place where we know no one?  Do we want to be close to family, or close to dear friends who live at a distance?

We have spent a week discussing these issues with friends and redefining relationships with family members.  My brain is spinning with indecision and uncertainty.

Today I am relaxing and forgetting it all for the moment.  I went to the store and bought some flowers.  I just saw them and felt inspired.  I began taking some photos of them.  Then I took some photos of other things that make me happy.

At first I thought they were a pale, pale pink.  Now that they have opened they look more white.

I'm also happy with the rug I bought from Maryam in Marrakesh...

And the tapestry pillows that represent fire, water, air and earth...

I put this little mouse on the clock as a decoration one Christmas.  I liked it there so I left it.  Hickory Dickory Dock.

It turns out I'm happy that "William Shakesbeare" didn't sell at the yard sale... it's nice seeing him sitting  there.

So I got my mind off making decisions and enjoyed some of the things that surround me right where I am now.


littlemancat said...

Lovely four element cushions!
About moving to Hawaii - I have a friend whose adult son and wife moved there. They were in love with the aloha spirit and were there a long time. However, and here it is,
they missed their family so much and also found it so expensive, that they returned to Pennsylvania. There was an adjustment period, but overall, they were glad to be home.
But, that's one family. Perhaps you would feel differently. A very tough call. The other thing is how expensive it was to come home to visit and for family members to come visit them.
An individual decision, just giving you some thoughts.

judy in ky said...

I appreciate the thoughts, Mary. It's good to hear about real experiences of others. When we visited Hawaii we discussed this with couples who had moved there too. I was surprised how many of them missed home. Maybe we could spend a good five years there while we are still healthy, then move back home. It's a lot to think about.

Pam said...

So much for you to think about.
We've moved often, daughter with us, and her independently as a young adult overseas.
We have either become homesick or not, depending on the stage of our lives and the circumstances of the loved ones in it. Your heart will come to rest happily or it won't.
The trick is to follow it. (It actually doesn't take expense into consideration - that's the mind's business!)...and the heart is also open to hindsight ie ' well that was what my heart was telling me at the time'. Everyone understands that scenario and it usually comes from a place of good intentions, with intuition kicking in for good measure.
Sometimes what my heart is telling me, and my husband's telling him differs - it's called marriage and compromise I guess.
It IS indeed a tough call.
It's the price we pay for not being a turtle or snail with our home on our back - so easy in comparison! Good luck Judy!!
I feel for you, but have always appreciated the places we've lived in - there is always a story or two in it!

judy in ky said...

Pam, you are always good at putting things into perspective. Thank you.
True, I have always been a person who follows my heart. Sometimes that's more complicated than being purely pragmatic. My heart tugs me in different directions and sometimes that drives my very practical husband a little mad.