Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Birthday Season

One of my sisters' birthdays is near the end of March; it often falls near Easter on the calendar.  After that, we skip to June, and the summer birthday season begins in full force.  Here's how it goes:

One niece in June
Myself, another sister and another niece in July
My late father's was in July too; in fact I was born on HIS birthday
Mom and another niece in August
Another sister the 4th of September

When I was a child I thought there was the Easter season, the Christmas season, and the Birthday season.  So many birthdays in the summer.  I was amazed when I found out other kids had birthdays in October, November, December, January and February.  Those were winter months!  How could you go swimming and have a picnic on your birthday?  (We lived in the American midwest, where winters linger.)

So, around here, the birthday season is busy.  It seems like every other week we are getting together to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat cake and ice cream.  Then we open presents.  If we go to a restaurant we bring the cake and presents with us.

Today we celebrate my sister's September birthday.  Then it's all over until next March.  Now I can start to think about buying Christmas gifts.  I really miss birthday cake through all those long months!


the veg artist said...

With a birthday in October, and then Christmas, I have to wait a long, long time for present time to come around again! There were four of us, all October and Novemeber, so products of cold winter night, I presume!!

Pam said...

Our birthdays are spread apart but husband's niece has her own birthday,her husband's, childrens, sister's, and grandmother's all in the same month. She has a short respite before it's Father's Day.

judy in ky said...

Artist, my middle-child niece must wait through her sisters' birthdays in June and July, until her own at the end of August. When they were little, it was hard on her to wait, I think.

Pam, your husband's niece has the busiest birthday month I've ever heard of.

judy in ky said...
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