Saturday, September 28, 2013

Exploring A Restored Village

One day we explored Historic Corolla Village.  Original village buildings have been restored and have become series of shops, museums and a school.

Village Schoolhouse:

Island Bookstore:

Old Boathouse:

Places to rest for a moment:

Shops full of interesting things:

A shop that supports the Wild Horse Fund:

So much to see and do.  I took so many photos.  I still have a few more left... for later.


Pam said...

Those two-seater swings seem so typical of the U.S. to me, always seen on films and t.v. on the front porch - usually a young couple at night with the warm window lights behind them! Great photos!

judy in ky said...

My parents had a swing on the front porch. It was great to sit there and enjoy a nice day or a pleasant evening.