Thursday, September 19, 2013

On Vacation

We are vacationing with friends in Corolla, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I have attempted to post some photos here, but couldn't manage it with my phone.

The weather has been perfect; clear blue skies and warm but not hot.  It gets cool and breezy in the evenings.  Every day we have walked for miles along the beach.  At the northern end of the beach there is a fence to keep the wild horses in their preserve.  If you have a four-wheel drive you can drive on that part of the beach.  Of course I had to see it!  So today we went on a guided tour of the wild horse preserve.  It was fun!  Our driver took us in Safari type vehicle through the wilderness.  We did see some wild horses; they are Spanish mustangs whose ancestors came off sailing ships hundreds of years ago.

We drove through a part of the island that has no paved roads and saw beautiful scenery.  Some people have even built houses there... amazing!

As you walk on the beach you see lots of kites flying and lots of water-loving dogs playing in the water.  I love watching sandpipers running at the edge of the surf, their tiny legs skittering along.  I love everything about the beach!


littlemancat said...

Sounds beautiful, enjoy your time there! The weather sounds perfect.

Pam said...

Your description is wonderful - what a lovely experience!

judy in ky said...

It's good to hear from you both! I'm beginning to feel a bit homesick and it helps to see familiar people here.

rachel said...

Me too. A perfect holiday location - enjoy every moment!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

We shall await your return!!!!