Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Not Funny

I know I've posted this before, but I'm feeling it again:

Actually, it does make me laugh.  The truth behind it, though, can be oh so serious at times.  I had to go off hormone replacement for health reasons, so the hot flashes are coming back again.  It's amazing.  I can be in a cold room and my skin feels the cold, but I'm still burning up inside.  It feels like a nuclear reactor inside my body.

The hot flashes are the most noticeable, but the other six dwarves have been known to visit me on occasion, as well.

I ran across this topic on Google:

When I saw it I thought "there is nothing funny about it".  Notice the lady in the picture.  She looks so calm, cool and collected.  If she were having hot flashes, her hair would be hanging down in messy pieces, there would be sweat running off her chin, and she would have a fan in her hand.


Pam said...

Feeling much sympathy for you!
I had to go onto HRT to help with bone density issues - it's been a godsend but would hate to go off of it. Since the HRT all of those issues have disappeared - and after years of sporadic suffering there's no way I'd want them back - they were dreadful. I was told your symptoms would happen to me too if I had to go off HRT, and yes there are reasons for doing so. I had to weigh them up.
Hang in there Judy! x

judy in ky said...

Thanks for the sympathy, Pam. My mother had the same symptoms which were also relieved by HRT. When the doctor told her she should stop HRT for health reasons, she said she would rather live a shorter live with HRT and a longer life without it!
I have to have surgery to remove fibroids, but I might be able to start HRT again after that.