Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is There A Man Cave In Your House?

This is my husband in his "man cave".  I can't remember when I first heard that term.  Now it seems every man wants one.  My husband's is in the basement, which we had finished after we moved to this house.  

Every man cave must have a flat-screen television, the bigger the better.  See the globe in the foreground?  That's my globe of the moon.  I've had it for years; it shows where the moon landing landed, as well as other landmarks on the moon.  

Today, he's watching the Masters Tournament.  When he isn't in his man cave, you can often find him playing golf.  See the little electric stove in the corner?  That helps warm up the basement in the winter. 

Of course, there is room for some of my things in the man cave, too.  Those are my bird cages on the table by the window.  

Bookshelves with my books and some dolls.  

My beloved "mushroom lamp" from the 1960s and a Hawaiian quilt I bought on Maui.  

I can put in whatever I want; quilts, globes, birdhouses, lamps, books, art.  He doesn't care, as long as he has a comfy place to sit and a big T.V.  He can watch golf, football, basketball, hockey... whatever he wants, and I can watch HGTV and the Food Network upstairs.  Sometimes I join him to watch something we both like, like "Justified" or "Homeland".  


Pam said...

No, but two male friends qualify - one works from home from his, and the other friend lives a happily isolated retirement and rarely emerges. Only yesterday I told him he should get his Vitamin D levels checked!

Bearette said...

It looks very civilized for a man cave. I don't think anyone has one in Manhattan - no room!

rachel said...

Not sure I believe you entirely, Judy - it's much too clean, tidy and stylish in there for a true man cave! But how lucky you are to have so much space; I'm envious.

judy in ky said...

Thank you all for visiting. Almost all the furnishings down there came from our big, old house in Philadelphia. We downsized, and we needed a place to put all the things we couldn't fit upstairs.