Friday, April 26, 2013

A Springtime Walk

In our neighborhood, we have to walk about a block to get our mail.  Yesterday, in the early evening, my husband and I walked there.  I've been noticing how nice everything looks now that spring has arrived.  So, I took some photos along the way.  

There is our house, the little red brick one with the white doors.  It looks like it's settled in among trees; I like that.  I would never want to live in a house without trees nearby.  

These are some back yards across the street.  The trees are showing their new leaves.  I love this first touch of spring.  It's not too hot yet and everything is bursting with life.  

A tree in a yard on the corner, in bloom.  This happens only once a year... in the spring!

More trees in bloom,  up by the mailboxes.  Everything is dressed up for the season.  

The sun was getting lower and lower in the sky.  When we got back home, I took a photo of the door, just because it looked pretty in the light.  I was in a good mood; it must have been an "up" day. 

I like the way the sun makes shadows on the walls, too.

So, that was my walk to get the mail.  It was a pleasant part of an ordinary day. 


Steve Finnell said...

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Bearette said...

Pretty! Your trees are a little different than the ones in our neighborhood. We have one with white blossoms that Eric calls a "cauliflower tree." I wonder what its real name is.

judy in ky said...

The "cauliflower tree" sounds pretty.

I still miss all the azaleas we had in our neighborhood in Philadelphia. There aren't many here.