Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jackson Browne Live!

Yesterday we drove across the bridge to Cincinnati, to the Riverbend Music Center. It's an entertainment complex overlooking the Ohio River.

It's right next door to an amusement park... Coney Island.

They have picnic tables set up and a big tent where food is served.

You could choose free metts, brats and cole slaw, or buy hometown Cincinnati food.

There were bars to buy wine, beer and other drinks.

This is where the concert was held.

Jackson Browne came out and introduced himself:

The concert was great! He had people up and dancing in the aisles. It was a fun Saturday night.


Pam said...

Have really enjoyed the travels Judy! I've heard of Coney Island and the amusements there. The food prices are good - ours would be double that.

judy in ky said...

Hi Pam, you may have heard of Coney Island, New York, which is much larger than our Coney Island here in Ohio. It was originally called "The Coney Island of the West". It's smaller than the one in New York and doesn't have a beach. It's very historic though, having been established in 1867.

Pam said...

Yes, you're right Judy. I was confused when I read your post because I thought it was in New York, and must have got it wrong.
Thanks for sorting this out for me.