Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Ready to Go Back to Hawaii

It's a long way to fly. About five hours to the west coast. Then five more hours over the ocean.

But it's SO worth it! To land at the Kona airport and walk down the stairs from the plane. It's Hawaii! It's like Dorothy coming to Oz. Everything is tropical; the air, the trees, the whole vibe. The photo below is the open-air airport. Everything here is open-air. I love that!

Driving north from the airport, you pass miles of volcanic rock with messages, white on black. After a while you come to the green, leafy part of the island.

That's where our hotel is located, on the most beautiful beach. I love this beach!

I love the sunsets too. Aloha!


Bearette said...

Ten hours...that is actually much shorter than i thought. enjoy!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Much aloha!

Pam said...

Would love to go there. Takes the same time from Australia evidently.Thanks for recent well wishes Judy.

judy in ky said...

We're back home now. Thanks for your comments. It was a wonderful vacation. Aloha!