Monday, July 16, 2012

Things That Made Me Say "Wow!"

1. Candles with rainbow-colored flame! I just found these the other day. I used them on our three-birthday cake. When we lit them, everyone ooh-ed and aww-ed. They really are cool!

2. I can not stop eating these! They are crunchy, sweet and salty all at once. Addicting.

3. Blueberry Tart... I recently found the recipe in my Kroger store handout. They give the recipe to make the crust but I just buy a ready made chocolate crust. Just mix a little honey in some plain Greek yogurt for the filling, then heat blueberries with a little lime juice and maple syrup till the juice comes out. Top the filling with the blueberries and chill. It's fast and delicious... and mostly healthy!

p.s. I think a lot of people must be making this. I told my neighbor about it last week, and today I noticed the store was out of chocolate crusts.


Pam said...

The blueberry tart looks so yummy. I've never seen the candles you've featured here - they're great!

judy in ky said...

The candles have a website:

judy in ky said...
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