Monday, July 2, 2012

A Long Hot Drive!

We just got home from a long weekend. We drove to Philadelphia to visit friends, then drove with them to Washington DC. It was 108 degrees down there on Thursday! Too hot to go outside. We stayed at the Ritz and paid to join the concierge lounge. That allowed us to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and drinks just about all day long. We spent a lot of time there. The hotel was full because of people who checked in after they lost power at their homes.

As I write this, I am exhausted. We just drove ten hours back home, and it was a hot, sunny drive. I will write more after I have recuperated.


Pam said...

We've been hearing a lot about the heat, power cuts and fires in the U.S. here in Australia.
Glad you are back home safe and sound.

judy in ky said...

We were in Washington Friday night, when a big storm came through. The next day many more people came to the hotel because they had no power at home! We had fun but it's always good to be back home.