Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On Broadway!

I am so excited for my nieces! They are 15, 13 and 11 and they live in Kentucky. They have traveled quite a bit, mostly in the western and southern United States, but they have never been to New York city before. I have been telling them how big, crowded, noisy and exciting it is. I have been hoping they would go to see a Broadway show, a musical, with all the singing and dancing. I knew they would love it.

I remember how I felt the first time I saw a Broadway show. I was ten years old and my parents took my sister and me to see "My Fair Lady". It was the original, with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison (I'm dating myself for sure). I was hooked. Since then I have seen a number of shows on the stage, but very few on Broadway itself. I know there is nothing like it. I know that feeling of breathless excitement when the curtain goes up and the music starts. I know what it feels like to get goosebumps and feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest because it's so great to watch them... live on stage!

Today they are going to see "Newsies". I have seen scenes from it so I have an idea what the choreography is like, how amazingly talented the dancers are. I've been watching clips on YouTube, trying to imagine my nieces' reaction. I am so excited for them to be experiencing this. I can't wait to hear what they have to say. I hope they love it as much as I do. I hope they feel the same excitement I do. I hope they develop a lifelong love of the theater. I'm so glad they are having this experience. They have all taken gymnastics and dance classes, so I think they will appreciate the talent and be inspired by it.


Pam said...

Oh my goodness - that last photo!
How exciting for the girls to see a Broadway production.
Here in Australia, actors brag about playing 'just off Broadway' figuring that's close enough to the biggest of big time.
New York is a fabulous place.

judy in ky said...

That last photo amazed me too, Pam. To me, it shows perfection. Yes, it is a fabulous place; I'm happy they are discovering it for themselves.

Bearette said...

newsies! i would like to see that someday, when zoe can tolerate a babysitter :) i hope your nieces have a great time. actually, the first time i visited nyc was to see a broadway play - hamlet starring ralph was very exciting, but my mom and i were afraid to take the subway. seems funny now.

judy in ky said...

My sister and her family, visiting NYC for the first time, are planning to take the subway to get around. I'm curious to know what they think of it.