Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Purging

I've been spending the weekend moving things out of the house, and rearranging other things around the house. I've always been crazy about mid-century modern furniture. I've slowly been accumulating pieces that I love. When something new comes in, something else must go out. My husband doesn't understand. He thinks one chair is as good as another. He's practical, I understand. But I love design and like to live with good design. I can't afford to do it all at once so I do it a piece at a time.

Today we took a set of four dining room chairs to the consignment store. Last week we took an oak bench. About two months ago we took in four other dining room chairs and another couple came in and bought them on sight. Why did we have so many chairs? Before we moved to our present house we lived in a much larger house and had room for more furniture. Now we have to budget our space so things don't look too cluttered.

My husband was complaining about clutter in his "man cave". He likes to hang out downstairs where the big TV is. But I also have my sewing and craft stuff down there. My sewing and craft stuff was getting on his nerves, so I had to purge it, consolidate it and get it out of sight. In most families (I hear) the wife is the neatnik and the husband is the "slob". In my house it's the opposite. I'm not really a "slob" but I am more casual. He is more of a "Felix Unger" type and sometimes it causes friction between us.

So, that's what's been going on today at our house; decluttering, rearranging and compromising.

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