Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speaking Through My Blog

What can one say in a blog? Sometimes I wonder about that. I have an active life inside my own head. My head is always full of thoughts and opinions, but I have to decide which ones to express here. They say to be careful when speaking about religion or politics, so I rarely mention those things on my blog. I have family and friends whose views are different from mine, and I see no need to disagree with them publicly.

I grew up in a family where religion and politics were discussed frequently, usually at the dinner table. I remember my grandfathers arguing with each other. One was what we today would call a right-wing Republican; the other was a liberal Democrat. Also, my parents went to different churches, my mom Methodist and my dad Catholic. I went to church with both of them, and was sent to Catholic catechism classes on Saturday.

My own beliefs evolved over time. Strangely, I wasn't influenced much by Mom, Dad, or either grandfather, at least not consciously. I guess I learned to think for myself. But I also learned to keep my opinions to myself because it seems one can never change the mind of another. I think that is clear in the political climate we live in today. Who ever listens to one with whom one doesn't agree?

Anyway, there are opinions I don't express here. There are people I miss, but I can't send personal messages here. There are people I would like to give a piece of my mind, but I can't do that here, either. I find plenty that I can say here, photos I like to share, little glimpses of my life that I like to share. It's nice to read comments of those who visit, and its nice to visit their blogs too. It's a pleasant place but it's only a part of me. I think most bloggers probably understand.


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I knew you would understand, Natalie.