Sunday, February 19, 2012


Our old paint color is on the left; the newer, lighter one is on the right. When we moved here six years ago, I thought the color made it too dark in the living area. We had moved from a house where we had white walls. It always looked sunny and bright to me, and I've been missing that brightness. Stylistically, I liked the darker color, but there is one large wall next to a staircase that always stared me in the face with its darkness. Any sunlight that came into the room just seemed to be absorbed by that darkness.

A few weeks ago, my husband had a slow work period and was getting bored without much work to do. So he decided to paint. We then faced the task of choosing our paint color. Thank goodness for those little pint "sampler" cans! I think we tried four of them until we found our color. The lower left was too pink; the upper left was too green (though it doesn't really show in this photo); the one on the right was too gray. The one in the middle was right, except we asked them to lighten it a bit by adding a bit of white. So far he was used three gallons, and has one more to use up.

It looks nice... a lighter, brighter look just in time for spring!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Well done!
Choosing paint colors is not a task I face bravely. Light and bright looks good.

rachel said...

It's such a tricky task, isn't it, choosing paint? I have to do that soon for my summer project. I like your choice.

judy in ky said...

Thank you, Natalie! No, it's not a task for the faint of heart, is it? Those little samples you see in the store are not always indicative of what you see on the wall.

Rachel, I'm glad you like my choice. I look forward to seeing your summer project. Wow, another project! I'm thinking of crown molding for our next one.

MLou said...

I'm in paint hell too. Those chips are deceiving. Your choice looks great.

judy in ky said...

Hi MLou, thanks for your comment. Yes, I think those chips are very deceiving!

Bearette said...

when we got our apt painted i picked chips a shade lighter than i wanted, for each worked out well.