Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Sunday

Today, once again, we went to the big city across the river.

First, we went to see the Cleopatra Exhibition at the Museum Center. I just finished reading two books about Cleopatra; first I read The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George, then I read Cleopatra: A LIfe by Stacy Schiff, so I was especially interested. I wasn't disappointed; it was an amazing exhibit.

The exhibition is being shown at the Museum Center in the Cincinnati Union Terminal building. It's a wonderful, historic Art Deco building and a sight to see for itself. It was completed in 1931, and was a major railroad terminal during World War II. It features a soaring rotunda with murals all around. It has all been restored; it now contains a Children's Museum, Omnimax theater, and spaces for special exhibits. It still serves Amtrak, too. You can go up to the top floor to visit the Railroad Club and read all about its history.

After that we went to the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; we had tickets to the Sunday matinee of "Beehive". The Playhouse is located on Mount Adams, one of the hills around Cincinnati. Mount Adams is "Cincinnati's San Francisco" neighborhood, hilly, narrow streets with quaint townhouses, bars, restaurants and shops. It's really hard to find a place to park!

We had lunch here at the Mount Adams Bar and Grill. They have an extensive menu of vodkas, bourbons, tequilas, single malt scotches, and beers on tap. I had a veggie sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce, red onion, sprouts and Monterey Jack cheese. It was good!

It's next door to another of our old favorite hangouts, The Blind Lemon. You go downstairs to a garden in the back. They have live music and fairy lights back there, and in the fall they have bonfires.

Then we climbed another hill to get to the Playhouse. That's it up at the top.

In Cincinnati, you must climb a hill to get to most places. It's a hilly city, not so easy in the winter when things ice up.

Here we are, after climbing many steps and I'm a bit out of breath!

The Playhouse has won two Tony Awards. We were season subscribers when we lived here back in the 80s, and we are again now.

"Beehive" was fun, all music and dancing. During one number, they pulled my husband up to the stage to dance. They were doing the "mashed potato". I tried to get a picture, but he came back to his seat too quickly. Shy, I guess!


the veg artist said...

Posts like this really make me wish I lived nearer a city, but then I did go to the beach yesterday. Can't have everything, I suppose!

judy in ky said...

I know what you mean. There are many days when I long for a beach!

Shrinky said...

Ahhh, what a beautiful documentary of what looks to have been a perfect day! Um, actually, you CAN have everything..wink. I left London life to live in a small sleepy island mid-way between Ireland and Liverpool - I visit the beach virtually every day - BUT (and here comes the kicker), hubby still commutes every other week to London, so we still keep a place there. When it all gets too chlostrophobic here, I can still hop over to the mainland for my culture-fix too.