Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Hawaii

We are home from Hawaii. Saturday night we got on a plane and flew to Los Angeles. Sunday morning we got on another plane and flew the rest of the way home. So... Saturday night got lost somewhere in time changes.

This time we went to the Big Island... Hawaii. It was beautiful. I took all these photos. I wish I could have captured more dimensions... the warmth, the breeze, the fragrances. The water, the mountains, the clouds, the flowers, it's all beautiful.

We drove up Mauna Kea, the place where the scientists view the stars. We went stargazing ourselves.

We saw the sunset on a sunset cruise.

This was the view from our room, early one morning:

And this was my view as I sat in a chair by the pool and looked at the ocean:

I still believe it's a magical place. Can't you see it?


Bearette said...

I love the photos! I have to go there someday. Glad you had a good trip.

Natalie said...

Come on! I know you took more pictures! Don't hold back ;-)
These look amazing. Welcome home.

rachel said...

Very beautiful. I went to Maui once, but immediately after being trapped in a hotel fire in Vancouver; the friend I was with had a bit of a breakdown and it was all rather difficult.... I would love to go again, but with cheerful company next time!

judy in ky said...

Don't worry, Natalie, I will be posting more! If any one of you wants cheerful company to go to Hawaii with... let me know!

Susan said...

It's a place I've always longed to go ... so very far away from me but I see Rachel (even further away) has been. So glad you had a nice holiday
xo S & les Gang

judy in ky said...

Susan, I would go any distance to be there!