Friday, January 15, 2010

I Hear Music!

My husband and I recently leased a new car. With it, came a six-month subscription to Sirius radio. Being an old, low-tech person in a new, high-tech world, I barely knew what Sirius was. I still don't know how to find a list of channels, or how to locate what I want; however, I just experiment by pushing random buttons. So far, I have found classic vinyl and 1940s swing.

I love it! Yesterday, having returned to snow and ice from the white sand beaches of Mexico, I was running routine errands... going to the post office to retrieve our mail, to Target for storage boxes for Christmas ornaments, etc, etc, etc. As I drove my sleek new car (delighting in the smooth ride compared to my old clunker) I was listening to the radio.

First I heard the Eagles! Then, Santana! John Fogerty! Frank Sinatra! Then Count Basie! Driving down my old, familiar rural road... listening to "Topsy" by Count Basie! It changed my world. Suddenly I discovered the joy of driving. I intend to spend a lot more time driving my new car and listening to music!
Here I go!

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