Friday, January 1, 2010

She Has Her Winter Coat On

We have a whole flock (herd? pride? clutter? clowder?) of cats that show up in our back yard every day. There are blonde ones, black ones, gray ones, multicolored ones. This one showed up recently. It is the furriest cat I have ever seen!


Mim said...

Now that is one winter coat. I need that here.. it's freezing and windy here in central VA.
You sounded like me when you said you want to go to Hawaii next Cmas.. exactly how I feel every winter holiday season! Maybe next year, I said as I was putting the dinner on the table.
But then your 'girls' wouldn't have a Santa would they.
Hope you are warm where you are.
And happy new year to you.

judy in ky said...

Hi Mim, it's pretty cold here too... going down to the single digits tonight... brrr!
Hawaii is looking better and better.
I wish you a happy new year, too. I hope you get to stay in your warm, cozy home.