Friday, January 15, 2010

It's All Relative, Isn't It?

Some people live in Italian villas with views like these. From time to time, each of us might feel envy toward others who live in better circumstances than we do. Then there are times, like now, when we are reminded that we already live pretty well ourselves. That there are many who envy us for what we have, no matter how modest it may seem to us.

People in Haiti and are suffering. There are many there, and in other parts of the world, who envy us, we who have food in our pantries, running water, and a safe home to live in.

I am a "middle class" American. I live in a "middle class" home in a "middle class" neighborhood. I am very lucky. No, I don't have "high end" finishes in my home. According to the couples who hunt for homes on HGTV, my home would be considered "dated". I don't have Brazilian hardwood floors, granite counter tops, or marble tiled bathrooms. But guess what... I don't need them. I have a roof over my head (warm in the winter, cool in the summer), I have food on my table, I have a hot shower any time I want it.

George Clooney does have one of those magnificent villas in Italy. Yet, he was born and raised and went to school less than fifty miles from where I live. His standard of living has certainly become higher than mine. But... mine is still higher than most of the people in the world. Yes, it's all relative. I am very lucky.

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