Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tiger is Still in the Hospital

We were hoping to bring Tiger home from the vet hospital today. However, the vet called and told us they want to keep him for a couple more days. He had a complication this morning, where another crystal blocked his urethra. We were afraid that he was going through too much pain and maybe we should discontinue treatment. But the vet reassured us that this problem should clear up when his surgery wound heals. The reason they want to keep him is to keep a catheter in until the wound heals. He told us there is no reason Tiger shouldn't be fine once he heals.

We felt better after we went in and talked to the vet. He showed us illustrations of what has been done and what he expects to happen as Tiger heals. It made sense and was much clearer seeing it in person. We also got to see Tiger. He was awake and looking around and let me pet him. I could tell he wasn't happy with the plastic collar, but I know he needs it to keep from picking at his stitches.

So, now it sounds like he will stay in the hospital until Monday. We miss him a lot, and it was good to see him.


Susan said...

I left a message here yesterday but I must have forgotten the word verification. Get Well wishes to Tiger and Bless you for trying to catch and spay/neuter sweet little black kittens. Much love from the Gang. Happy Weekend !!

judy in ky said...

Thank you Susan, I hope to bring Tiger home on Monday.