Friday, October 2, 2009

Better Today

I'm afraid I was down in the dumps yesterday, feeling blue and down on myself. I'm sorry I took my collages down so quickly. I felt exposed and alone in the world.

One reason behind all this is my worry about my cat, Tiger. Last weekend we found him hunched over looking like he was in pain, then hiding from us. I wanted to take him to the vet, but he is impossible to catch and put into a carrier. It wasn't for lack of trying... my husband and I tried to catch him, but he was having none of it. We even borrowed a fishing net from my brother-in-law. Well, then Tiger started acting better again so we thought he was okay. Yesterday he started acting sick again, and I was worried.

Last night we left a soft-sided carrier open in the bedroom. I woke up to find Tiger curled up in it. So, I closed it, trapping him inside. He's fine in it, it has mesh sides so he can see out and it's very comfortable with a cat bed inside. But I couldn't get a vet appointment until later this morning so he has to stay in there for a few hours. I feel guilty keeping him trapped in there. He probably thinks he is being punished for something. Here he is...

So, while I am waiting to go to the vet, I will put my collage photos back up. They look surreal to me; I though maybe they would just look weird to you. I shouldn't have been so sensitive.

Update: I just got home from the vet. Tiger has bladder stones (not uncommon in cats) and has to have surgery to remove them. They say it's a fairly common procedure, especially for male cats because their urethra is so small. I am hoping he comes through okay and that he will be home again soon. It's a good thing we caught it when we did, because it could have led to more serious kidney problems.


Susan said...

I know it's very hard to not be attached to the "finished" piece (whatever finished even really means?) but really the question is or should be did you (or I or anyone) enjoy the process ?, was it fun? did you become lost in it? did you lose track of time ? I think those are the things that creativity is really supposed to be all about - the process of making something and the more you do anything the better and more confident you become. There is no bad, no wrong - I'm glad that you put them back up.

I say keep on puttin' it out there.

I do hope Tiger is feeling better there's nothing worse than worrying about our animal friends.

xo Susan

Natalie said...

Tiger looks content to be in his protected space, and I hope his vet visit clears everything up for Tiger.
I have missed too much on your blog, and feel like a neglectful friend. I am sorry.

judy in ky said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Susan.

Natalie, don't feel bad... you've been a little bit busy! (I have been following your blog and am SO happy for you!!)

rachel said...

That's more like it. I'm with Susan on this one, and am relieved to let her say it for me!

Poor cat; hopefully you'll see a rapid and dramatic improvement once he's been treated.

Susan said...

Oh dear, the same thing happened to my son's cat a couple of weeks ago and he had to have emergency surgery...he was nearly on death's door. He has recovered very well from his narrow escape. I'm sure Tiger will be okay, too!

Your collages are beautiful, so creative. I certainly couldn't do that. Please keep showing us your art! I know it's so hard when you're putting yourself out there, open to criticism. I feel a tremor of uncertainty every time I click on that "publish post" button. I think we all do.

judy in ky said...

Thank you Susan. for your understanding. Tiger has to stay over night at the vet's, but he will be coming home tomorrow. I had a chance to visit him after the surgery. He was groggy and was hooked up to an IV. Poor little thing. I took him one of his toy mice to keep him company.