Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kittens In the House

Two of the feral kittens we are taming… we have them isolated in one room to keep them apart from the existing cats in the house.

We can pick them up and hold them now.  Once you catch them, they settle down and purr.

Their fluffy, gray little brother is still at home with the lady we are calling the "cat whisperer".  She and her husband are taming him.  He was a little less tame than these two.

The little female was the most wild of the four, so we let her go back outside.  Here she is, post-surgery, out on the deck.

She is back with her feral buddies outside.  The black cat beside her is the one we thought was their mother but turned out to be a male.  He still acts as her protector, I think.


littlemancat said...

They are so pretty! The little female is just beautiful - too bad she's a wild child. I'm sure with time and your gentle,kind handling, the two brothers will be loving members of your household.
Does the lady want to keep the gray kittie?

judy in ky said...

Hi Mary! I know, my husband was fond of the little female, too. She seems to be thriving outdoors, which is good.
We're not sure who is going to adopt each one yet but we are going to make sure they have good homes. We hope to adopt one ourselves but our existing cats are still hiding when they see the kittens. We have a neighbor who might want one too.